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  • Patio Screen Enclosure

    Patio Screen Enclosure

    Patio screen enclosure Patio screen, porch screen is ideal products to make full usage of your patio and porch. It is ecomonical and durable, made from fiberglass yarn with ethylene resin/PVC coating, much stronger than standard fiberglass insect screen . It can withstand all...Read More

  • Fiberglass Insect Mesh

    Fiberglass Insect Mesh

    Fiberglass insect screen mesh is applicable for windows and doors, to prevent mosquitoes, flies, bugs and pests from your rooms. After installing insect screen, you can enjoy good air flow in your room without the disturbing of unwelcome mosquitoes, flies, bugs and...Read More

  • Pool Screen

    Pool Screen

    Pool screen Pool screen mesh is used for fencing the pools in your backyard. It is popular products in US markets. It is same material as patio screen and porch screen, PVC coated fiberglass/ethylene resin coated fiberglass yarn. But it is stronger than normal fiberglass...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Mesh

    Stainless Steel Mesh

    Stainless steel mesh Stainless steel mesh is widely used for insect screens to prevent flies, bugs and pests from your room, it also can be used for filtration in other industries like chemical, petroleum, mining, etc. The material of stainless steel mesh is 304 and 316, 316...Read More

  • Aluminum Mesh

    Aluminum Mesh

    Aluminum mesh Material of aluminum insect mesh: high quality aluminum wire Function: to avoid bugs, flies and pests for homes, bulidings, orchards, ranch, etc Tuff mesh is a common name in Australia for aluminum mesh in more than 0.4mm wire diameter, usually used for doors....Read More

  • Polyester/heavy Duty/puncture Resistant Screen Manufacturer and Supplier

    Polyester/heavy Duty/puncture Resistant Screen Manufacturer and Supplier

    Pet screen, pet mesh
    1.made from heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester, 7 times stronger than traditional fiberglass mesh.
    2.It is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets.
    Read More

  • Pleated Retractable Screen

    Pleated Retractable Screen

    Pleated retractable screen Pleated retractable mesh is used for window screening, made of fiberglass and polyester. Easy to install and operate, can be folded easily to provide transparent light and better ventilation when not used. More Products:Read More

  • Roller Insect Screen For Windows And Doors

    Roller Insect Screen For Windows And Doors

    Roller insect screen for windows and doors, wholesale distributor from ChinaRead More

  • Aluminum Security Insect Screen

    Aluminum Security Insect Screen

    Aluminum security insect screen Aluminum security insect screen is different from standard security screen, which is made from stainless steel wire in 0.8mm, 11x11 mesh in common. Aluminum security insect screen is made from aluminum wire mesh with powder coating. Common...Read More

  • Sling Chair Mesh

    Sling Chair Mesh

    Sling chair mesh Sling chair mesh is for outdoor furniture like beach chair, sling chair for patio, porch, pool and beach. It is made from PVC coated polyester, with high tensile and stronger stength, easy to clean, heat-resistant and durable. More products:Read More

  • PVC Placemat And Coaster

    PVC Placemat And Coaster

    PVC placemat and coaster The material of PVC placemat, PVC coaster is polyester with vinyl coating. It is easy to clean and durable in usage. More products:Read More

  • Plisse Retractable Screen

    Plisse Retractable Screen

    Plisse retractable screen Plisse retractable screen also know as pleated mesh, plisse mesh, pleated insect screen and plisse screen. It is popular for window decoration and used for window screening products. More products:Read More

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