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perforated aluminum plate

  • Aluminum Mesh

    Aluminum MeshAluminum mesh Material of aluminum insect mesh: high quality aluminum wire Function: to avoid bugs, flies and pests for homes, bulidings, orchards, ranch, etc Tuff mesh is a common name in Australia for aluminum mesh in more than 0.4mm wire diameter, usually used for doors. More products:Read More

  • China Perforated Sheet And Metal Mesh

    China Perforated Sheet And Metal MeshPerforated metal mesh is punching different holes on different materials. Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, cold and hot rolling plate, copper plate, etc. Types: pattern perforated mesh, modeling perforated mesh, thin perforated mesh, line...Read More

  • Door fly/magnetic/aluminum screen/roll supplier

    Door fly/magnetic/aluminum screen/roll supplierAluminum insect screen made of aluminum a kind of material can recycling and good for environment is corrosion-resistant, a better choice for windows and doors.
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  • Perforated Steel Sheet Supplier

    Perforated Steel Sheet Supplierperforated steel sheet, perforated metal sheet, perforated mesh, perforated aluminum aluminum perforated mesh, perforated mesh aluminum, perforated metal mesh, perforated mesh sheet, perforated mesh plate, perforated metal, perforated plate, punching metal sheet meshRead More

  • Aluminum Security Insect Screen

    Aluminum Security Insect ScreenAluminum security insect screen Aluminum security insect screen is different from standard security screen, which is made from stainless steel wire in 0.8mm, 11x11 mesh in common. Aluminum security insect screen is made from aluminum wire mesh with powder coating. Common specifications of...Read More