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fiberglass mesh

  • China Perforated Sheet And Metal Mesh

    China Perforated Sheet And Metal MeshPerforated metal mesh is punching different holes on different materials. Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, cold and hot rolling plate, copper plate, etc. Types: pattern perforated mesh, modeling perforated mesh, thin perforated mesh, line...Read More

  • Punching Mesh Exporter

    Punching Mesh ExporterPuching Mesh, Perforated MeshRead More

  • Paw/proof/polyester Mesh Supplier

    Paw/proof/polyester Mesh SupplierPet screen also named heavy-duty screen made from heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester, 7 times stronger than traditional fiberglass mesh.
    2.It is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets.
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  • Fiberglass/window/mosquito Screen /mesh/fabric Supplier

    Fiberglass/window/mosquito Screen /mesh/fabric SupplierFiberglass insect screen
    1.essential for daily life, which keeps mosquitoes, flies, rats, bugs out
    2.let you enjoy good air and sun in your room
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  • Fiberglass Faric For Thermal Insulation Supplier

    Fiberglass Faric For Thermal Insulation SupplierFiberglass fabric, fiberglass cloth is woven by middle alkali or alkali-free fiberglass yarn or C-glass and E-glass woven fabric, and coated by anti-alkali high molecular emulsion. Main applications are as follows: 1. reinforcement material for walls 2. reinforced cemeting products 3. Mosaics...Read More

  • SS Insect Mesh Supplier

    SS Insect Mesh SupplierStainless steel insect screen the substitute of fiberglass and nylon insect screen fire-resistant, keeps rats, flies and bugs away
    3.applicable for windows and doors for buildings, orchard, farm, etc.
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  • Fiberglass Tape

    Fiberglass TapeFiberglass Tape Fiberglass tape is a tool for fixing the seam or joints of dry walls, gypsum board, etc. It is alkali-resistant, with high tensile strength, anti-distortion, insulation, heat conduction, high temperature resistant, good self-adhesion and with long usage life. No need for priming...Read More

  • Insect/tuff Screen/mesh Manufacturer

    Insect/tuff Screen/mesh ManufacturerAluminum insect screen
    1.made of high qualified aluminum
    2.which is material can recycling, so it's good for environment.
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  • Pleated/plisse Insect Mesh Exporter

    Pleated/plisse Insect Mesh ExporterPleated insect screen is made from polyester and fiberglass fabrics by blend-weaving, which can keep bugs out and can be folded when not used, more convenient and easier to operate.Read More

  • retractable/insect screening/mesh/screen for door/windows manufacturer

    retractable/insect screening/mesh/screen for door/windows manufacturerFiberglass insect screen
    1.popular for daily life
    2.keeps mosquito, flies, bugs, rats away
    3.makes your life better
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