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copper mesh

  • China Copper Wire Mesh And Cloth Factory

    China Copper Wire Mesh And Cloth FactoryCopper wire mesh, Copper mesh Material: 99%+ copper wire Characteristics: fast heat transfer, good conductivity and acoustical insulation, anti-corrosion, anti abrasion, high tensile strength and bending strength, and elongation, can be used for conductor, walls acoustical insulation, electronic...Read More

  • Copper Mesh And Filter Screen Manufacturer

    Copper Mesh And Filter Screen ManufacturerCopper mesh and filter screen copper woven wire fabric, copper woven wire clothRead More

  • Pleated/plisse Insect Mesh Exporter

    Pleated/plisse Insect Mesh ExporterPleated insect screen is made from polyester and fiberglass fabrics by blend-weaving, which can keep bugs out and can be folded when not used, more convenient and easier to operate.Read More

  • China Perforated Sheet And Metal Mesh

    China Perforated Sheet And Metal MeshPerforated metal mesh is punching different holes on different materials. Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, cold and hot rolling plate, copper plate, etc. Types: pattern perforated mesh, modeling perforated mesh, thin perforated mesh, line...Read More