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Summer Is Coming, Please Clean Or Change Your Insect Screen
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Summer is coming, please check the insect screen of your windows and doors, if not neccessary to change them, 

please clean them completely to get good protect from mosquitoes and bugs' disturbing, and enjoy the good air and


There are few easy ways to clean the fiberglass insect screen as follows.

1. Clean the fiberglass insect screen by tap water showering after taking it out from the window.

2. Clean the fiberglass insect screen by vacuum cleaner.

3. Clean the insect screen by sponge. Wet the sponge by water and swipe on the insect screen.

4. For the kitchen insect screen, because of heavy oil-based stains, you have to add some detergent. 

5. Clean the fiberglass insect screen by newspaper. Wet the newspaper with water and some detergent, 

attach it onto the insect screen.

Enjoy your summer time and welcome your inquiry to 

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